Trust the Experts in Residential – Commercial & Municipal Mosquito Control

Please see below to learn more about our Mosquito, Tick as well as specific Pest and Special Event services available. We offer seasonal control for Mosquitoes, Ticks, Spiders and Ants as well as a one-time spray for that special event. Find mosquito control services in your location today.

Residential Mosquito Control Services for Your Yard

If you’re tired of battling annoying mosquitoes in your backyard all summer long, there is a simple and effective solution available to you. Southampton Tick is proud to offer the best mosquito control service on the market. As an experienced outdoor pest and mosquito control service company, we feature two effective products and services that will transform your backyard into the peaceful place you and your family have always dreamed of.

Keep Mosquitoes Away With Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitoes are seen as an annoyance, and over the past decade, we have developed a way to prevent their annoying bites through mosquito control services. The experts at Southampton Tick are happy to discuss a management strategy for preventing these pests from causing chaos at your home and in your yard. Get the mosquito facts and more information about the diseases they carry by visiting our FAQs page.

Mosquito Control Strategy and Management That Gets to the Root of the Problem

At Southampton Tick we do more than simply exterminate existing swarms of mosquitoes. Our technicians will assess your yard and property, and then follow a three-pronged approach that will ensure your continued comfort throughout the season. The backyard mosquito control program includes eliminating and repelling the existing mosquitoes, masking the presence of CO2, and then spraying a repellent barrier.

To exterminate the existing mosquitoes lingering around your property, our technicians apply a mosquito control barrier in the form of a wax-based water repellent spray that clings to the structures and organic matter around your yard. In order to keep future swarms from forming, our repellent treatment masks carbon dioxide levels to make your property less appealing to mosquitoes as they are drawn to the CO2 that humans exhale. Finally, a vertical barrier is applied which strengthens with each mosquito control service visit. You and your family can enjoy all the fun and activities that good weather allows, without the nuisance of buzzing flying pests.

Results happen quickly! We make the whole process of backyard mosquito control easy, from start to finish, so you can enjoy the simple joy of relaxing in your yard again. Whether it’s outdoor mosquito control for your home or your business, get started by contacting us today! Learn more about our commercial and municipal mosquito control services.