Residential Tick Control Services

Throughout the past decade, the tick population has increased at an alarming rate, making tick control and prevention for your yard even more important.  Ticks are commonly found in wooded or high-grass areas, but they can thrive in any backyards where there is grass, shrubbery or leaves on the ground. Ticks can also be transported into populated areas and neighborhoods by deer and rodents. For these reasons, backyard tick control is becoming more important than ever.

Tick Control for Your Yard

Ticks are parasites that feed on warm-blooded hosts including humans, dogs, cats, and deer. Without proper tick control and prevention services, these small pests can cause big problems.

There are few strategies to help you, your family, and pets:

  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants- If you are in a wooded area or in long grass, wear clothes that cover your arms and legs, tuck in your shirt, and tuck your pants into your socks to prevent ticks from getting on your skin.
  • Wear light-colored clothes- If your clothes are lighter, you will be able to see the ticks crawling on you before they reach the skin.
  • Spray clothes and exposed skin with insect repellent- bug spray will help repel ticks before they bite!
  • Talk to your vet about tick prevention- Don’t forget about man’s best friend! Your pets can also be impacted by ticks, so talk to your veterinarian about tick, flea, and heartworm prevention.

Even with these preventative measures, it’s highly important to take all precautions to get control of your property from tick colonies and infestations.

Professional Tick Control

Spring through the fall months is when tick activity is at its highest. This year, take back your yard by hiring professional tick control services near you. A residential tick control specialist can create a strategy to help eradicate existing tick infestations and prevent new colonies from forming in your yard by implementing an effective barrier treatment that eliminates ticks before they can get to you. Learn more tick facts by visiting our FAQs and get started with our residential or commercial tick control services by contacting us today.

Traditional and Damminix Tick Treatments

Damminix treatments are excellent additions to any standard tick control program. By targeting the mouse that carries it in its nymph stage, Damminix targets the tick at the source. By targeting the tick early in its 2-year life cycle, Damminix works to prevent the tick population from reaching its adult and reproductive stage, thus stopping the tick population from becoming a problem.